Humanity faces no bigger threat than climate change. The fashion industry is one of the top toxic and environmentally harmful industries globally: 

  • 84% of the world’s clothing ends up in landfill or incinerators (Slowfashion report 2021)

  • More than 8 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions are produced by the apparel and footwear industries (Measuring Fashion report, Quantis, 2018)

  • The fashion industry produces 4 percent of manmade CO2 emissions annually which is more than global aviation. (McKinsey Climate report, 2020 / The Common Objective 2021)

It’s time to accelerate the transition to a business model and process that is truly sustainable at its core. It’s time to FLYP the switch! 

FLYP products are designed, manufactured and shipped with the greatest respect for our  planet and its people.


Digital product development using 3D design

FLYP’s 3D digital design process renders obsolete the old way of bringing apparel to market via the slow and inefficient process of shipping samples back and forth to factories. FLYP’s design and sampling process results in zero shipping and zero materials wasted.  


Manufactured to order

The era of mass-producing garments without any evidence that they will sell needs to end because it is the cause of vast quantities of surplus stock ending up in landfills or being incinerated which is another reason why the fashion industry’s environmental impact is so bad. 

FLYP strives for a "No Waste" approach to creating high quality garments. FLYP’s hyper advanced manufacturing capabilities enable made to order techniques ranging from print to cut and sew on demand at unprecedented speed. This means we can drastically reduce the likelihood of our garments ending up in landfill or being incinerated.


Direct shipping

FLYP products ship from the workshop directly to the customer. This dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of our garments relative to the old way which typically involves shipping from workshop to warehouse and warehouse to customer. 


Sustainable materials

FLYP is committed to prioritizing materials that reduce the potential harm to the environment. Already FLYP offers products made from a wide range of sustainably sourced materials such as GOTS, certified organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled polyester made with post-consumer waste.